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Profile number 17241
Profile start 2022-10-07 23:00:41
Profile end 2022-10-07 23:15:24
Timezone LT
Depth 30 meters
Stop interval every 1 meter
Stop duration 5 seconds
Speed Slow
Interval 120 minutes
Max tilt (pitch, roll) 3, 2
Internal website mode OffLine
Instrument and sensors
CTD serial number 887
CTD type SD208
Sensor set-up STDOXOFOT
Air pressure 999.503 mbar
Measure interval 10 seconds
CTD battery count 24821
Voltage and temperature before profile
Winch voltage 27.1 V
Winch temperature 12.6 °C
Voltage and temperature after profile
Winch voltage 27.0 V
Winch temperature 25.1 °C
Battery voltage 13.3 V
Battery temperature 13.0 °C
Weather data
Temperature N/A
Pressure N/A
Wind direction N/A
Wind speed N/A
ADCP data
Error code N/A
Status code N/A
Battery voltage N/A
Sound speed N/A
Heading N/A
Pitch N/A
Roll N/A
Pressure N/A
Temperature N/A
Analog input one N/A
Analog input two N/A